G Shape Kitchen

G Shape Kitchen

Expertise in offering best services to our valuable clients, we are engaged in offering a vast assortment of G Shaped Kitchens. Under the expert supervision of our well experienced professionals, we are capable in providing our customers with a wide array of G Shaped Kitchen.

The G-shaped kitchen layout is essentially a pumped-up version of the U-shaped layout. It's best suited to those who want to pack every square inch of kitchen possible into their space but don't have room for the clearance required around an island.

Instead, a fourth leg is attached to one side of the U at a right or obtuse angle. Typically this fourth leg is a peninsula, because having a wall and upper cabinets would nearly close off the kitchen from the rest of the home.

Advantages With G Shape Kitchen

  • Flexibility to Add More Wall Kitchen Cabinets
  • Provides More Base Kitchen Cabinets.
  • More Counter/Platform Space
  • Open or Private Kitchen
  • Ample of Flexibility.

Finishes, the tough and the beautiful

Choose from over 150 unique finishes — solid colors, trendy patterns, and wood textures to understated matt and glamorous high-gloss options, with Livspace you can get your kitchen looking exactly like your imagination. But these are more than just pretty finishes, they are durable, easy to maintain, and resistant to scratches, heat and water. We offer a choice of high pressure laminates, membrane and acrylic finishes for your kitchen cabinetry.

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